How soon should we book?

It is best to book early! Ideally, 6-12 months before your wedding date or as soon as possible to ensure availability. Please see our Contact Page to connect with the regional office.

How do we book you?

First, determine our availability by submitting an inquiry form or scheduling a consultation. Second, complete the booking form and submit the $250 deposit required to secure your wedding date and time. Please see our Steps To Booking Page for more details.

How much are your fees?

Our regular fees and details of included services can be found on our Fees Page. Our regular fee is $525 not including rehearsal.

How long does the ceremony take?

This depends on the number of participants and components included in the ceremony. Length is most often between 20 and 30 minutes.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes. Our exclusive ceremony planning guide and website provide excellent resources to help write personalized wedding vows. You are given access to these resources once the booking process is complete.

Do we have to memorize our vows?

No, there is no necessity. They can be prompted by the officiant or read by the couple during the ceremony.

Can the officiant be a woman?

Yes! Absolutely!

Can children take part in the ceremony?

Yes, we can make some suggestions to include children.

What does the officiant wear?

A dark business suit is our standard. Special requests can be negotiated.

Can photos or videos be taken during the ceremony?

This is the couple's decision. To minimize distractions, photographers and videographers are asked to be discreet during the ceremony.

Is a rehearsal necessary?

No, it is not. It may be helpful depending on your comfort level and the size/place of the wedding.

Is there an addition cost for a rehearsal?

Yes, it is not included in the regular fee. It is an extra $125 cost. Please see our Fees Page for more detail.

Where and when do we get our licence?

The license can be acquired at any city hall up to 90 days before the wedding date. We recommend you get it at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding, Please see our Marriage License Info Page.

How do I change my name after the wedding?

Please visit our Name Change Info Page for details and steps.

How and when do we submit fees?

Accepted methods of payment include E-Transfer (preferred), credit card, cheque or cash. A deposit of $250 is required with the booking contract to secure the specific date and time. The balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding date. Please see our Fees Page for more detail.

Will you stay for dinner?

Please know that there is no obligation to invite us. However, if an invitation is extended and our schedules allow, we would gladly stay.