Getting Legally Married in Ontario

There are many cases of fraud across the province where people who are not licensed to solemnize a wedding are misrepresenting themselves; cheating precious couples of a very important day in their lives.

Please read the following carefully.

There are only three groups of people that can legally perform a wedding ceremony that will be recognized by the Ontario Government.*
  1. A Religious Official
  2. An Ontario Municipal Clerk/Designate
  3. A Judge or Justice of the Peace

There are two types of marriage ceremonies performed in Ontario.*

  1. A Religious marriage performed by a religious official or,
  2. A Civil marriage performed by an Ontario Municipal Clerk/Delegate, a Judge or a Justice of the Peace.

Your wedding day is only a wedding themed party if the ceremony is not solemnized by a person licensed to do so. It is important to ensure the person you have chosen can legally perform the wedding.

Kettle Creek Weddings is an organization of Religious Officials and part of a group that encourages couples to choose their own wedding ceremony content. We are licensed with the religious denomination Celebrating Life Ministries which is fully recognized by the Ontario government.

For legal confirmation, you can find the name of our Wedding Officiants listed on Service Ontario’s webpage for Registered Marriage Officiants.

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